I absolutely love writing songs about small towns.  It's become an obsession.  I'm even doing towns within towns, like North Greenbush ( or is it a suburb of East Greenbush? And why isn't there a West Greenbush?)  Anyway, here is the song that I sang that day for you Northeners!  

Here's the song (warts and all)  recorded live from last Friday morning's appearance at the Alexis diner. Lyrics are to follow

Photo by Adriana
North Greenbush
Lyrics ©2013 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved
(Parody of "Cruise", by Florida Georgia Line)
At the Alexis diner
where he eggs could not be finer
the home of Jacks drive in famous for it's sliders
with a little red school house a one room school
Obama came here  don't say something cruel
We're here in the NORTH
I didn't say east
North couldn't care about the east in the least
If it were up to some of the  residents
They told me on Facebook they'd put up a fence
I am here this morning
with Bethany and Sean
in the town of North Greenbush
if you're arrested by Katy
the first cop lady
She's a person that can't be pushed
some people think it's Troy  some defreestville
actually I think that were is wynantskill
I'm sorry that was wrong
continuing the song
here in North Greenbush
Not only cop Katey
but the coupon lady
were both raised here
so was my aunt Sadie
here is a fact that will cause intrigue
classie Lassie girls with their softball league
It's the town that stole
the Home Depot
it's now in North Greenbush
Whether a girl or guy you'll love Gene's Fish Fry
yea fried food is so goooood
in the summertime you can wear your sandles
and get some frozen yogurt at the 16 Handles
done with the song
I'm Richie this is Sean
and Bethany in North Greenbush

NOTICE:  EQUAL TIME FOR EAST GREENBUSH - Your song will air on Thursday in the 8:00 hour.   I actually don't need any more information for it.  I got slammed last week from very nice Facebookers!  Thanks loads.