This has been a mission of mine for weeks now.  I could have sworn that Joe Diffie, one of the artists coming to Countryfest 2013, came to our Sean and Richie Golf tournament. I could picture in my head  a photo that we took together with him.  Well, I finally found it! 

In fact, I found 2 photos.  Here he is  at Stadium Golf Course In Schenectady.

photo by Richie Phillips

And I found this group shot

photo by Richie Phillips

Now usually if you right click on an image file you can pull up information about it.  According to this, it says that these shots were taken in 2004.  That would make these pictures almost a decade old!  Hard to believe.

Here's a question for you though - does anyone remember if he performed at the acoustic show at the end of the tournament?  Neither of us can recall!  Let us know in the comment section if you were there!

in the meantime, we hope you're going to see him when he comes to town, along with the rest of the all-star cast.  Countryfest is Saturday, July 13th at the Schagticoke Fairgrounds