The Times Union newspaper is looking for the best place to work in the Albany area.  The first ever "Capital Region Top Workplaces" report will be released in the next couple of months.And the good news, the deadline for your workplace to get nominated has been extended to December 16th.

In order to qualify, the organization/workplace needs to have at least 50 local employees.  It doesn't matter if the business is private, public, non-profit or a government office.  While employees and customers can nominate their place of work, employers must actually register the business.  If you're considering nominating your company and it actually makes it onto the list, as long as you're the first employee to nominate that business, you'll get a box of 12 mini cupcakes from Betties Cakes!  Yummy!

The Times Union will break down the list into large, midsize and small places to work.  The businesses could also be recognized for other special categories such as ethics, communication or work-life flexibility.

To make a nomination, simply go to the Times Union's website.  You can also call (518) 636-0132.  The results won't be published until April 22nd because in order to determine the winners, surveys and other information will need to be gathered about each workplace.