Stanford has to be feeling pretty good right now. The Cardinals just found out the quarterback that EVERYONE thinks would be the top pick in this years NFL Draft just decided to stay for his senior year. This is a pretty amazing decision considering Luck would be a Carolina Panther signing a $50 million plus deal. And not to mention if there's a lock out next year he gets that cash to do NOTHING!!! I get it though Luck is from a family not hurting for money and if there is no season Luck loses a year on the feild in a very early career. He also values his education. So look for Stanford to be a force in the Pac 10 again next year.

       As if getting their all world QB back wasn't enough good news there's still a chance Jim Harbough may be back too. He just turned down loads of cash to coach the Miami Dolphins. San Fran is till calling him and they are rumored to be offering over $6 million. The San Fran deal is one to watch for Harbough because he would get the cash, a chance to prove himself in the NFL and he wouldn't have to move. So it's still wait and see for Jim but Stanford has to be feeling way better about next year today then they did just a day or two ago.

This just in ESPN is reporting that Jim Harbough and the 49ers have agreed to a 5 year $25 million contract.