I love finding out about all these fun holidays. National No Housework Day Is Saturday April 7. Probably not a good day for a lot of people because it’s the day before Easter. They have to do housework to prepare for it.

But if you’re so inclined (or reclined in that easy chair), you can join in the celebration. Instead of worrying about that dust bunny that’s under your end table, just worry about the Easter bunny. Make sure the Easter bunny knows what the kids will be getting in their Easter baskets. Don't tell the kids what day it is and have them do the housework for you.

Don’t touch that vacuum cleaner. Instead, take a ride to go get coffee at maybe the Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks. Heck, there’s two locations for both on Wolf road in Colonie.

Since Easter is Sunday, maybe you can plan on dining out at one of the places that I mentioned in my other blog.That would also save you from having to do the dishes in time for Easter.

I wouldn’t mind dusting the furniture, like the end tables, but I hate when I have to move any knick knacks and pictures to do that. I can never put them back the same way.

Laundry doesn’t bother me until it comes time to folding them. Not one of my finer talents.

Since most of us really don’t like to do housework, I was wondering which housecleaning chore that you really don’t mind doing. Please take our poll.