Have you heard of the "boomerang gift", it's a present you give someone that also benefits YOU. Which, according to a new poll is exactly the kind of gift women don't want!

Like, lingerie, for example.

Bad news, dudes, if you were planning on giving her a little number for your eyes to enjoy, she's not into it.

A new survey found 61% of women say they do NOT want to get lingerie for Christmas this year.

In fact, women don't want you anywhere NEAR the buying process.  86% of women say they like to buy all of their own underwear and lingerie, and 68% like to go shopping for it alone.

The survey also found it's one of the few products that people would rather buy in-person than online.  72% of women say they need to buy it in person.

You gotta try that stuff on!  And, no matter how well a guy thinks he knows your body, he probably won't get the size right!

So, this Christmas, stick to something a little more G rated and you'll probably be just fine.