The streets of New York and Philadelphia have been getting new street signs that look just like "No Parking" signs, but they're sending a different message.

The new signs say things like: "NO CATCALLING ANYTIME" and "NO CATCALL ZONE."

Some folks are not too happy about it, but I think it's a great idea.  Women should be able to walk down the street without feeling like men are staring and without worrying that they'll be called out.

A reporter for was in New York last week, talking to people about the signs.

Most of the people he was interviewing thought they were great.

But one guy thought the story was IN FAVOR of catcalling . . . and actually started doing it to women while he was being interviewed.  This guy actually believes that cat calling is the way to get dates.  Um.... no.

This guy is gross!  And, he's perfected the Cat Call!  He's exactly the reason why these signs have been popping up all over!