Last night was a completely sleepless night for me. For once it had nothing to do with wrestling with issues or bills. Nope last night it was just too hot to sleep and I of course put off buying a a air conditioner.

So there I was Saturday afternoon headed to a friends pool party, I stop in Walmart to get sunglasses and a soda. I walk past a display of air conditioners on sale and at a price I could afford. Did I buy it? NO! I convinced myself that my ceiling and portable fans would keep the house cool. I WAS WRONG! Oh so wrong. Last night was torture, I maybe slept for a hour and my daughter was not happy about the heat. I tried to tell myself "What did people do before AC?" and "Think about the men and women of the armed forces we've been honoring, They sleep in tents with desert temps." No luck! I can guarantee after today's show I will be buying a air conditioner.  So if you're like me and barely slept last night I wish you well and hope you make it through the day!