It's always hard when someone you care about leaves you, but it's even worse when you don't approve of who they are with now. Sometimes they end up in a terrible relationship that is no good for them and what little feelings you have left make you hurt for them. Even worse is when they leave you for a place to close to home, that will remind you about the good times OVER AND OVER AND OVER! This just happened to me. I knew Nnamdi Asomgha was going to leave my Raiders. The writing was on the wall. Now all I could do was wish him well, but not so well that I would have to listen to Sean McMaster. That's right my favorite player for the better part of a decade went to the Philadelphia Eagles. So now every big play, ever win and God forbid championship Sean will let me know how great Nnamdi is and how he used to be mine. Sad day in the Raider Nation!

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