As a Niskayuna resident (and a former teacher, no less) who has put a child through their fantastic school system, I'm having a hard time with this subject.  Actually, a VERY hard time.

Somehow, we've become THAT family - the now empty nesters who put a child  through a school system that gave him the foundation and discipline to graduate CUM LAUDE from college, and now complaining about outrageous taxes.  Talk about a conflict!

I'm still a little shocked that it was voted down to be honest  I don't know if people really understand what that will mean to a school system.  What programs will be affected?  Will there be teacher layoffs?

On the other hand, so many of us are being squeezed out by a $700/month tax bill.  Whether you have children in the school or not, it's still a cause of deep concern.

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On the OTHER OTHER hand, who wants to deny kids the very programs that you know had a great effect on yours?

Bottom line? They need to change the way schools are funded.  It's a faulty system that punishes great teachers, property owners and kids who deserve all of the resources available to them to learn.  That's as far as I can get with this article.  I don't know the alternative besides a dedicated lottery where 100% of it goes to schools.  Hey, don't ask me - I'm just the piano player

What ideas to YOU have?  Leave them in the comment section, cuz I've run out of them (ideas, that is)