Let me start by saying this,"at least people watch Carrie Underwood".

Apparently a radio station in Ottawa, Canada is so upset that Carrie Underwood's husband Mike Fisher was traded to the Nashville Predators from the Ottawa Senators that they have banned Carrie Underwood's music on the radio station.

Really? Outside of Canada, pro hockey is about as popular as Formula 1 racing. Nobody watches it, and really cares. For the two or 3 of you that want to read the story, here it is.

Suck it up Ottawa. You're not hurting Carrie by not playing her music.

She wins this one. You lose a hockey player, a HOCKEY PLAYER!

In America here is a small list of people that we hold higher in society than NHL Players:

1. NFL Players

2. Baseball Players

3. Tuesday night mixed couple league bowlers

4. The Bingo caller at the Elks Lodge

5. The return desk lady at Walmart

6. Carrie Underwood

7. My mom

8. The night cook at Denny's

9. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models

10. Bill Clinton

11. Elliot Spitzer

I could do this for a week before I get to NHL Players.

In Canda he is Mike Fisher the hockey player. In America he is Mr. Carrie Underwood.

If you want a trade to make it even, we'll send you Danny Devito for 2 first round picks.