Growing up as a fan of football I have always watched whatever game was on. That includes the Pro Bowl which to be honest is not "real football". The rules are different, the players don't care all that much if they win and more and more the big stars opt out. That being said the game is not the biggest disappointment of the weekend. Every year the NFL would put on a Skill Challenge with a Quarterback competition and sometimes a over all challenge with position players running and lifting and basically showing off. The challenges were the most fun part of the weekend. A few years back they moved it to the NFL Network which you can't get with Time Warner Cable and then did away with it all together. I was sad to see it go but now it's a step too far. The College Senior Bowl which I also enjoy is now on the NFL Network too. These student athletes may get paid to play(cough Reggie Bush cough) but that doesn't make them pro's. The game belongs on cable tv where the average fan can see it. The Pro Bowl it self will be on Fox Sunday night starting at 7. Ok I'll get off my soap box now. Have a great weekend.