With Christmas being tomorrow most games have been moved to today. As always you can join me at Vapor for every game. In my opinion the big one will be the battle for New York or New Jersey depending how you look at it.

The 1 pm Games:

Raiders @ Chiefs: This game still has playoff ramifications. If the Raiders win and the Broncos lose they have a chance at winning the AFC West. Look for the Chiefs to be flat after beating the Packers. Go Raiders!

Jaguars @ Titans: Titans should win this game

Dolphins @ Patriots: NOBODY wants to play the Dolphins right now but look out for the Pats. I'm a Brady believer.

Cardinals @ Bengals: Taking the home team here.

Broncos @ Bills: The Patriots showed you how to stop the Mile High Messiah but I think the Bills quit. Take the Tebows

Rams @ Steelers: Steelers get back on track after a horrible showing against the 49ers.

Giants @ Jets: THE BATTLE FOR NEW JERSEY!!! Jets can't play good teams and the Giants can't decide if they are a good team. I'll take Big Blue because I'll be at Vapor and it's a Giants bar.

Vikings @ Redskins: Terrible game. I just flipped a coin and the Vikings win.

Buccaneers @ Panthers: Two young quarterbacks in this one. Go Cam! I'll take the Panthers.

Browns @ Ravens: The Ravens went west and got embarrassed by the Chargers. Home against the Browns??? Sorry Browns you are in BIG trouble.

4 pm Games:

Chargers @ Lions: Fear the ROAR!

Eagles @ Cowboys: Eagles have figured out their issues and are looking as good as we thought they would from the beginning. Sorry Cowboy fans.

49ers @ Seahawks: Marshawn Lynch has remembered how to run and eat Skittles, but the 49ers defense is awesome. I'll take the 49ers