There is so much bad to say about some of the players in the National Football League. Everything from arrests to blatant displays of poor judgement or sportsmanship. It reall can make you wonder if there are many good people out there anymore let alone professional athletes. So why is one football player's coming to tears in a post game interview making me so happy?

I'm happy because they are beautiful tears. These tears that T.Y. Hilton of the Indianapolis Colts couldn't hold back were tears that showed the world just how much of a loving, vulnerable caring man he is. He was overwhelmed when the interviewers began to ask him about his newborn daughter, Eugenia. She was born just that morning and T.Y. said that he played that game for his baby daughter and wanted to score a touchdown for her, he did. After he scored he cradled the football and rocked it in his arms as a tribute to "G.G."

Check out T.Y. breaking down after the game. And if by chance you ever see this T.Y. you Sir, are a true man , a strong man and I have nothing but respect for anyone who can let their heart overflow with that much love for their children. Respect.