We wanted to give you as much advance warning as possible. This is our next stop on the coveted "Sean and Richie Show" Small Town Tour.

I was trying to picture where this was located. I was confused at first, because the name has changed. It's now the Capital City Diner and it's right at the beginning of the road leading to Crossgates on Western Avenue.  It's very easy to get to.

Google Earth

You may remember that we did our Countryfest announcement breakfasts there in the past. Well, we're baaaack!

We would love to see you there. We'll have prizes to give away, and plenty of chances to break bread and be on the radio with us. Tell a joke, sing a song, promote a local event- whatever. We love this tour, as it's a chance for us to get out and press the flesh (that's a creepy term, isn't it).

Special thanks to our sponsors, Fidelis Care and the 529 College Savings Program, for footing the bill.  We would love to see you there!