I'm not for or against anyone at this point.  I'm still listening to everyone's campaign platforms.  But it was on 60 Minutes that I actually heard him speak seriously, without insulting or trying hard to purposely create some sound bite that we'll spread around social media. (Hey, Donald- I'm COMPLIMENTING you here!!) 

See?  I think Trump has created a situation where he's not being taken seriously by a lot of people, but if you hear some of his ideas, it might make you think twice (or not).

For one thing, he's upset that "too many jobs are going overseas, and too many middle class families cannot make ends meet".

According to Newser.com, he wants middle class tax relief, tax code simplification, and wants to make sure the country doesn't go into more debt than it already is.

Christopher Gregory/Getty Images


Now get THIS… He also wants to completely get RID of income tax for anyone making less than $25,000 and close the loopholes for the filthy rich (him being one of those, that's a pretty interesting move)


Again, I'm not telling you to vote for him- I'm just spelling this out in case you don't know what he stands for.