Alert the media!  Well, I guess I'm doing it as we speak.  This is not a commercial endorsement by any means.  And this has nothing to do with getting a great deal on a car.  It goes WAY beyond that, and I needed to tell someone about it!

Long story made very short.  My son's car was withering on the vine, and we needed to do something quick.  He LOVED his old Subaru.   We've had prior dealings previously  with Goldstein Subaru in Albany in the repair department  and they are long time WGNA clients, but I had never purchased a car there.  I thought I'd give them a shot.

Well, forgive me here, but I need to give Stephanie Goldstein a special shout out.  I can't remember when I have  been treated so nicely in a car dealership - literally, and I really don't think it had anything to do with me working at WGNA.

  I've heard her with other customers and she treats everyone the same way from what I've experienced.  It's not that typical "pushy saleperson speak" .  She  really tries  to find out more about you and what your needs are first instead of selling you whatever they need to get off of the lot quickly.  We walked out of there with a beautiful car at a fair price and a feeling that they're not going to forget you when you need something later, and that's so important. Terry Sullivan our salesperson was awesome to work with, and my son really loved sharing "Subaru talk" with him and sales manager Brian Rushford.  Aaron Butler also seemed like a great guy  and Dave Wood  went to the same college as Ben, so - nuff said there as far as something to talk about!

 I used to think that I really didn't care if people were nice to me when I was purchasing something.  "Just get me the best deal and save the small talk.".  But the more you deal with purchasing things and the more bad experiences you have, it makes you realize that it's that personal touch that makes ALL the difference, and I just had to blog about this.

Note:  I'm sure there are plenty of other dealers in the area the years that you could say great things about as well, so this is not meant to slam anyone else.  But this place is going to stick in my mind for a very long time.