I never saw this story, did you?  Was I sleeping?  I guess this happened in October.  The President's teleprompter was ripped off!  I guess this was  News While I Snoozed, but it's a funny visual!

As is typical with going online, I was looking for something related to the CMA show, and this came up-something totally unrelated.  (Go figure).  But this was a story from some time in October.  I don't remember this at all, but according to Conan O'brien, I guess Obama's teleprompter was stolen off of a truck.  I looked it up and low and behold, according to the Business Insider.com :

Virginia television station�WWBT/NBC12 is reporting that days before President Barack Obama's visit to Chesterfield, VA, a truck carrying the presidential podium, audio gear, and the presidential teleprompter was stolen from a hotel parking lot.

You have to wonder if this affected his upcoming speech.  And then I stumbled upon this from Conan's show.  Very funny.


It gave me a giggle.  Hope the same goes or you.!   Love Conan!