Yaaaassssss!  Ice cream is the best thing ever!

The MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM is opening in New York City later this month! No art or science or any other boring stuff! Just all ice cream, all the time!

It's going to feature all sorts of crazy exhibits... including a giant pool of sprinkles you can dive into (ok, yes please!!!!) and a tool that finds the perfect ice cream flavor for you. (Hint: all!)

There will also be lots of ice cream flavors you can try, which is included in the admission price. C'mon!  Does it get any better? It'll cost you about $18 to get in.

But, the museum is only going to be open in the city through the end of August.  After that, the creators are thinking about taking it to other cities or looking for a permanent space for it.

May I suggest Albany?

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