In a move to save $9 million, the New York State Department Of Health will be moving at least 600 workers to the Corning Tower, in Albany from Troy.

The workers are currently housed in the Hedley Park Place and Flanagan Square in Troy. This is where the state leases a large amount of office space.

Due to changes in the state work force with things like employee attrition, there are many vacancies in many state owned buildings. With this situation, it makes sense to use the buildings that the state owns instead of spending money on leases in other buildings. Unfortunately, this will not help in revenue for the businesses in this part of Troy, where they have been trying to build up the waterfront area of the city.

From an article in the Times Union, the president of the Downtown Troy Business Improvement District, Elizabeth Young said that "The state workers that occupy some buildings are vital to the success of downtown. I'm hoping there's still a possibility they could stay."

I’m not sure how the state workers that are being moved really feel about this.