It might be a good time to do some clothes chopping. Starting on Sunday, April 1, we all get a break if we purchase new clothing and footwear, if each item costs less than $110 dollars in New York State. I

n a story from News 10 ABC, this also applies to most fabric used to create or repair clothing like most zippers, buttons, yarn and thread.There are some things that don’t qualify for the tax exemption.  Those are watches, jewelry, hard hats and tool belts just to name a few. We used to have an exemption on clothing costing less than $55 dollars, but that was suspended back on October 1, 2011.

The savings of the qualifying purchases will save four percent - the New York State sales tax. It might not be a lot, but I don’t know about you, but I think every little bit helps.

This is something I never understood - clothing is like food. It is a necessity.Why is there any tax on it? If you go outside without any clothes on, you'll get arrested.