It's a case of good-news-bad-news as New York lands in the top ten of Money Rates' list of the worst states to make a living. 

We landed at #7 on the 10 worst states to make a living list, which is bad news. The good news is that the website says we have "a top-10 median wage level."

Then comes more bad news: "...until you find out that the cost of living in the state is second only to Hawaii's. Beyond that, the high tax burden will further erode the purchasing power of the money you earn."

I will say this: I get the feeling that the greater New York City area adds to that cost of living number, which is probably much further from Hawaii here in the Capital Region. As far as the tax burden, yes it is high - but there are states that have it worse. I just moved here from Maine, where the taxes hit my wallet a little harder.

Hey, we can't make the 'best of' list for everything, right?