New York Lawmakers await the decision on whether they could receive their first pay raise in nearly two decades.

UPDATE 12:45 PM - The commission has decided that New York Lawmakers should not receive a pay raise for the upcoming 2017 session.  They will continue to receive a base salary of $79,500.  Lawmakers do have the option of expressing their reasoning on why they deserve a pay raise or they can agree to extensive ethics reforms and bans on additional income.

Original Story: The decision should be announced today on whether New York Lawmakers can get a raise.  According to the Associated Press:

Lawmakers in New York currently make $79,500 for what is technically a part-time job. But many of them say the annual salary hasn’t kept up with the cost of living and doesn’t reflect the work they put in outside the six-month legislative session.

Daniel Barry, Getty Images.

Should the commission reviewing the proposal approve the pay raises, they will go into effect next session unless blocked by current lawmakers.  During the election, some candidates in New York were against taking pay raises for lawmakers.  New York State Lawmakers are the third highest paid lawmakers in the country.

Governor Cuomo is expected to comment on the commission’s findings when they are released later today.  Stay tuned to WGNA on line for more details!