We've been doing pretty well on a lot of these lists lately, so I guess we were due to land near the bottom of one.

Source: Movoto

When it comes to being an affordable place to live, New York does terrible compared ot the other 49 states. According to Movoto, we rank #47 out of the 50 states. Ouch! The Movoto article says about New York:

Most affordability scores here were in the bottom 10 on our list, including the costs of food, utilities, and housing. The unemployment rate wasn’t the worst, but it was still fairly high compared to many other places. All told, this was just a pretty expensive state to call home.

Basically our unemployment rate really is not great and everything is really expensive here. Not to mention, the tax burden in New York is kind of high too. That said, a lot of the averages here could be driven up by New York City, which is super expensive (The Capital Region looks very affordable when compared to NYC).

Now, relative to the rest of the Northeast we are not doing to bad. It is generally pretty expensive to live in the region. Vermont landed at 42 on the list, Massachusetts 46, New Jersey 43, Connecticut 44, and Rhode Island was 49. New Hampshire and Maine perform a little better at 36 and 38, respectively.