You and I do it every year. We make a New Year's Resolution. Sometimes we keep them, most of the time we don't. But it's always worth a shot to better ourselves in the coming year, and hey, ya never know when one will stick! So what is the secret to meeting your New Year's goal? 

According to a recent article from Time, the top resolutions for 2016 include the usual suspects. Losing weight, living healthier, saving more: we have tried them all! But this article also makes a great point - keep your resolution simple so you can meet your goal!

With that thought in mind, my resolution this year is to spend less time on my smartphone and more time engaging with my family when I am home. It's easy to put down, does not require me to spend an extra hour at the gym and the reward will be immediate.

What is your Resolution for 2016?  Keep it simple and you'll make it happen!