Willie Nelson has been known to step up, speak up and help several causes to make this world a better place.  On October 29, I'm hosting a bus trip to see the Country Music Hall of Famer live in concert, and once again, we've learned of another great Willie Nelson project.

At 78, Willie Nelson continues to record, tour and help others wherever and whenever he's able.  Earlier in the year, Willie Nelson and his musical family released a version of the Rolling Stone's classic 'Wild Horses,' to raise money for the Animal Welfare Institute. Now, the 'On The Road Again' singer has released a new video to help spread the message.

The video features over 40 horses, rescued from slaughter factories, on Willie's ranch in Luck, Texas.  According to the Animal Welfare Institue, Willie and the entire Nelson family are long-time supporters of AWI and its efforts to end horse slaughter and preserve the right of wild horses to roam free. Willie proudly proclaims:

"It's time for the cowboys to stand up for the horses."

Through the years, Willie has done several things to help people in need.  The Red-Headed Stranger has raised thousands of dollars for Farm Aid, selling and producing Whiskey River Bourbon to benefit independent farmers, singing a gay cowboy song to promote equality, standing up for animals rescued from Hurricane Katrina and Slaughter Houses, promoting his own environmentally friendly BioWillie Fuel, and numerous benefit concerts like his annual Fourth of July Picnic to the October 17 concert for the victims of the Texas wildfires. Willie Nelson is a legend that sets a great example of doing something good with one's wealth and celebrity status.

Watch Willie Nelson and Family's new video for 'Wild Horses'