BuzzFeed is calling this a series that "nails what it's like to be a parent nowadays".  It's called Millennium Parents.

There are so many new series being produced for the web.  This is a new comedy series inspired by one of the creator's real life.  Introducing Millennial Parents

It's a really good premise to hit this demographic (isn't everyone these days?)

It stars Laura Eichhorn and Lea Coco.  I was looking at a couple of the subject areas covered.  This cracked me up just reading the title:  "Inappropriate Lullabies".  I can just imagine.  The ones from my childhood -Humpty Dumpty couldn't be used anymore ( you're not supposed to laugh at someone having a great fall - politically incorrect! )

Let's see how they handle the subject.  Here's a clip

Looks promising, doesn't it?  I guess this will be one of those that you will be able to  "binge watch".  Let's wish it good luck.  For more information on the show ,you can visit