Carried Underwood just announced last week that she has a new album called 'Storyteller' coming out on October 23rd but she has already released the first single from the album, "Smoke Break" and the video for the song as well. It features Carrie driving across the desert where she gets stranded and has to hitch her way home as well as lots of women working hard in the video.

Carrie premiered the video on Entertainment Tonight and they asked her about how to "stay true to yourself." She said:

#1- Take Time For You- Have those hobbies or just get out for coffee with friends and that will make you feel better!

#2- It's okay to let things go- AKA- Don't sweat the small stuff

#3- Incorporate the ones you love into everything you do- She wrote a song for her son Isaiah, but didn't want to make the whole album about that.