You have to be able to change with the times.  That's what everybody tells you.  But expensive technology leaves you no change in your pocketbook, and you are forced to adapt, then you start getting a little bitter about it.  I saw this in the Albany Times Union and it got me thinking.

According to the article, the Coxsackie Hi Way Drive-In has their own "drama" on their hands.  In fact, it might be classified as a "horror story".

The big film companies are going to stop producing movies on 35 mm film soon and they are switching to digital by the end of next year.  Again, according to what they say, the owners, the Babcocks, will have to cough up over 300 large to upgrade their system.

And you know that they wouldn't make this easy even AFTER the new equipment gets installed. Get this!

Each (of 4) projectors costs about $75,000 and bulbs, which need to be brighter both for the new equipment and for a drive-in compared to an indoor theater, cost $1,200 each, and they last one season

You can read the rest of the article, but it definitely made me forget that for alot of people it's tough to HAVE to embrace new technology in order to keep their small businesses open.   We wish them luck, and please support them (and buy the popcorn too -that helps, believe it or not!)