"Automated Target Recognition" is the name of the brand new security technology that is at the Albany International Airport.

This will replace the the scanning devices that offended so many passengers, since it showed quite a bit of the contour of the person's body that the staff that was assigned to sit in a completely different room, and monitor the passengers passing through it.

From a story on WNYT, this new technology will generates a unisex avatar suitable for general viewing. It sounds like we went from a rated R, to  rated PG type movie.

The Transportation Security Administration is claiming that this is perfectly safe, not mentioning too much about any kind of radiation.

What is seen by the security officials is a something like a  gingerbread man, with an outline of boxes showing where something could be hidden on the body.  If you don't want to use this new technology, you don't have to, but you'll end up doing the full-body pat down.

Do you think with all the new technology, airports have become safer?