So often I will be watching tv and see a commercial for a store or restaurant that we don't have in this area and wonder to myself,"When are we going to see so and so in Albany?' More often then not we will see these places pop up around here. It happened with Buffalo Wild Wings, Cici's Pizza, Tractor Supply Stores, Walgreens and so on.

Now the national Seafood chain, Joe's Crab Shack looks to move into the Albany Area. According to the Times Union, the Texas seafood chain is hoping to take over the former Dakota Steakhouse in Latham. The steakhouse closed it's doors this past July. The area is in a prime location, and it will be nice that the building won't stay empty for long. The Town Of Colonie planning board will look at their application on Tuesday.

If you have never been to a Joe's Crab Shack and don't know what they are all about, check out their website or check out one of the commercials that got my interest up about them.

Now if Sonic could move into this area, I would be a very happy man!!! Are ya listening people at Sonic?