What a great school SCCC is.  Amazing amount of college majors available. Faculty? Very nice. But they were definitely missing something-a theme song.  (Are you starting to see a trend here during College Week?)

For every college campus we've set foot on this week, it has been my obligation to create a theme song.  SCCC was no exception.

SCCC is known for it's culinary classes, incredible music school and even aviation studies!

They have over 52 different majors actually, and during Cinco Demayo you could come down to the campus and sign up almost automatically.

With those factoids in mind, I came up with this little ditty based on the classic "YMCA" by the Village People.  This was performed with the help of some of the fun loving faculty, staff and students who were at the broadcast .  Enjoy!  Lyrics to follow so you can sing along at home

                                               SCCC Song (parody of "YMCA")"

Young man yes it sure would be cool

To enroll in a community school

Are you listening?
Come on don't be a fool
You can save a pile of money
If you love food you can become a chef
If you dig music you can learn the bass clef
So come on Joey, come on Suzie and Seth
I guarantee you will be so happy
This  year apply to SCCC
Then transfer to a university
It's been here 45 years
Score a brand new career
You can even learn to fly a plane here
SCCC Cinco Demayo
there's nothing that you have to buy O
this is true there's no reason to lie o
come here between 12 and 3
bring your records or your GED