Blame this on a slow news day when this becomes a big story, but actually it's a very good point to make.  (note to self--no need to hit space bar twice here before starting next sentence)

Do you do that?       Do you hit the space bar twice?     That's what we've always been taught. But now they are saying it's not needed! This looks weird to me already.  Too crowded!!   But here's the explanation according to Newser:com

Blame manual typewriters, which used monospaced type—each letter was afforded the same amount of space. On those machines, two spaces after a period made things more readable. But nearly every font on the modern PC is proportional: an "I" gets less space than an "N," for example. Now, "adding two spaces after a period no longer enhances readability, typographers say. It diminishes it."

There I go again.  I wanted to put two space in after that last quote.  I can't stop!  Hard to teach old dogs new typing tricks.    OMG--now I put 3 spaces in!!!       I think it enhances readability to put MORE spaces in!       Rules are made to be broken, people.

Stand up for your rights!              Put your spaces in!      Be creative!                 Damn the torpedos!!!!                                                   End                                                        Of                                           Blog!!!