No one likes waiting in lines. We want everything at our finger tips. Well, now we have it.

Okay, so we already kind of did with Fandango. Just a click and about sixty seconds got you the movie tickets to your desired theater, movie and time. But could this new app be better?

Atom has officially launched here in the Capital Region and can be found in your app store. It's a bit limited, but that's just for the time being as it gains usage locally. Right now, Crossgates and Colonie Centers Regal theaters are a part of it's selection to choose films from, but smaller theaters such as Albany's Spectrum have yet to join.

The Santa Monica based app company is excited to bring itself to the East coast with what they are claiming to be easier than the alternative apps we've grown accustomed to. For a limited amount of time, they're even giving out free tickets for the first time user. So why not find out for yourself if it truly is the better alternative?