Beer. I really love beer. I especially love drinking it at a bar while my wife goes shopping. That is why I am super happy about this news.

If you love beer too, you were probably disappointted to see World of Beer close earlier this year. Now, the great news: a new Irish Bar will open at Crossgates very soon.

According to the Crossgates Mall Website, a new Waxy's Irish Bar location will be opening this coming spring. Waxy's website describes the bar as "...a new type of bar, we call it the Modern Irish Bar...It’s a great time, an experience shared with friends and family and maybe someone you haven’t met yet.'

Waxy's currently has 9 other locations, including 4 in Massachusetts, 1 in New Hampshire and 1 in Connecticut.

I gotta say, fresh food, beer and crafted cocktails while my wife shops? I am in!