Here we go again.  Just when you thought Apple Corp. has hit us with everything they've got in any given year, they give us the one-two punch once again. And that's all well and good, but people are still having problems with their devices.  All this covered on this week's Tech Talk.

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Big iPad.  Now itty bitty iPad.  According to, Take the 9.7 inches and reverse them and you have the mini screen.  It doesn't have the high resolution screen.  It's more like the guts of the iPad 2, but that's fine.  I have the "2" and it's fantastic, but the advantage here is that it's smaller and sells for $329.00 for the 16 gig model.

There's more to today's Tech Talk  - and here is the audio from today's show.  But we're not done.  After you hear that, you can read the latest computer predicament that our friends at Computer Renaissance in Latham will solve for you.



What do I do if I can't connect to the internet and I keep getting an error/diagnose message?    Tom in Glenmont

1. Our friends at Computer Renaissance say you should first try to restart your computer

2. If that doesn't work, you will want to unplug the router and plug it back in

3. Didn't work?  How about unplugging your cable modem and then plugging that back in

4. Last ditch effort, connect by plugging your "hard wire" internet cable in the back of your computer tower.

No dice?  Well, you have a friend at Computer Renaissance in Newton Plaza in Latham.  They will help you get online again.  You can call them 220-4445, or go online at