I had a great experience yesterday.  I think it opens up an entire new world for me.  I had the unique opportunity to speak at  the Cohoes Rotary Club.  Now I want to go to all of them!

I received this certificate today for being a guest speaker at the Cohoes Rotary Club at the Century House Conference Center.  It was a certificate of appreciation, but I think I'm the one who appreciated being there the most!

I had a chance to explain the changing face of  radio and how technology has impacted it.  What a great group!  In attendance was a dentist, lawyer, retired teacher, an entrepreneur with a website for children with diabetes-and more!

One member  showed me the official 4 Way Test to be a true Rotarian.  I like the sentiment, don't you?

i                                I brought the keyboard along too for a little song parody segment, and we ended up doing a sing-along from the official Rotary Club Songbook! -  (we sang the classic "When Your Smiling, The Whole World Smiles With You")  I ended up smiling the whole time.

I'd like to thank the entire organization for having me in. ( You think I'm kidding?  I might just begin the Readin', Writin' and Rotarian Tour for real!  )