Andrea shared some really good deals with us on the Sean, Richie & Bethany Show.  I'm not going to lie, I REALLY hope she has already purchased a few things for me! 

Do you think I have to wait until Christmas?  Well, at least I know she will buy these for me at these prices.  OK, OK I will get to the deals!

To all the NCAA fans out there you can have a whole new wardrobe at this point!  NCAA sweatshirts and hoodies are just 2 for $35!  WHAT?  These are normally $40 each!

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Add a NCAA tee shirt to the gift for just $12.50 and you will be the superstar this holiday season!  And you can because the NCAA tee shirt really are that low!  I really hope she remembers I am a Notre Dame fan!!  I want one of each!

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