Tuesday, October 4th is National Vodka Day!!

Its not like we need a holiday to drink vodka, but since there is one we might as well celebrate it!!

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I'm not a huge mix drink guy -  I do enjoy a good Long Island Iced Tea though!  I really think they are the best at Fridays, but I am not going to lock in that pick until I do a little more taste tasting!

For those who want to stay in and celebrate, I have compiled a list of some vodka drinks.  I even went that one step more and found an easy to make recipe!  I know I rock!  Or maybe I just don't want to be the only one drinking vodka today! Here they are:

Bloody Mary

Electric Lemonade



Long Island Iced Tea

Vodka Martini

While you are celebrating, be sure you use #NationalVodkaDay when using social media.  Feel free to add #Seanrocks.  I did get you the recipes!  Enjoy!