Ya’ll know I LOVE Natalie Maines voice and I REALLY miss the Dixie Chicks.  So, I am kind of excited hearing the news that Natalie is going to release an album this May. I know , I know there are some people who just will never forgive the "Chicks" and I agree that sometimes celebrities should sometimes just do what they do and not feel the need to be political.

However, there are two things about that, 1. This is America and whether we agree or not, everybody does have a right to speak their mind. (Just as people have a right to react to said opinion by not buying or listening to songs, or watching their movies, etc.) and 2. I just think it is a terrible shame that we can't separate Natalie's once in a lifetime, beautiful singing voice from her words when she speaks.

With all that said, in this album, she covers  Pink Floyd’s “Mother,” which is also the album’s title.  To be fair, I read this album may me a little more rock-n-roll than it is country, but that’s ok with me, I at least get to hear her sing again.   It may turn out to be a better move for her, as I am not sure Country music fans are ready to welcome her back! Are we?  I am, but how do you feel?

Here is the version of “Mother” from West Of Memphis: Voices For Justice soundtrack album. You may not be a Pink Floyd fan, or like me not so much a fan of this particular song, but I don't know how you can deny her gift.

Is anyone ready to make nice?