A whole lot of drama and Country Music is headed to ABC (Albany's WTEN) on Wednesday nights. A superstar faces the inevitable fall from the top, while trying to compete with the hot young talent on their way up. It is a story that we see played out every day in the 'real' Country Music world.

Rayna James, played by Connie Britton, is the 'legend'- comparable to someone today like Reba or Alan Jackson.  Meanwhile Juliette Barnes, played by Hayden Panettiere, is the 'newcomer'- comparable to someone today like Taylor Swift or Hunter Hayes. As you can imagine, the drama will be tense and fierce as Rayna tries to keep her record deal and stay on the charts, while Juliette fights to rise to the top and win over new fans.

Ironically, this fictitious story really does represent the music business cycle that's been going on for years, and we may never know the amount of drama that really did go on behind the scenes. For example, the 'legends' I mentioned above were also rising young stars at one point. In the '80s, established stars like Tammy, Loretta and Dolly once competed for countdown slots and headlining status with new female stars like Reba, The Judds, and Martina McBride- who later competed to stay on radio playlists with '90s hitmakers Faith Hill and Shania Twain. Even Alan Jackson was a new talent at one point competing for airplay, record sales, and loyal female fans against already established musicians like his own friend George Jones, Kenny Rogers and Ronnie Milsap. Every star will rise and fall in popularity.

TV Guide's Matt Roush seems to be raving about the premiere, "It's a hell of a good story, that's what it is. All About Eve by way of Dollywood, an ABC-style soap with meat as well as heart, catty without being trashily campy and yet never less than enjoyable. There's an authenticity to Nashville as well, with the actors singing their own songs, filmed on location, and boasting the renowned T-Bone Burnett as executive music producer. Adding to the talent pool: Burnett's wife, Callie Khouri of Thelma & Louise fame, is the show's creator, and fellow executive producer/documentarian R.J. Cutler directed the pilot. These aren't your typical TV talents, and Nashville for all of its tuneful sizzle doesn't feel like a typical TV show."

The show will air on Wednesday nights on ABC, check out the preview below.