NASCAR driver Carl Edwards had to settle for second place in the Sprint Cup Series championship in 2011 and now will start the new year off still somewhat in second place as he serves as a second banana to Kelly Ripa this Tuesday on "Live! With Kelly."

Starting Monday, "Live! With Kelly" will feature an all-sports guest co-host lineup. It's Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush on Monday, Edwards on Tuesday, NFL broadcaster Boomer Esiason on Wednesday, ESPN analyst Jesse Palmer on Thursday and Olympic skating champion Apolo Anton Ohno on Friday.

Since Regis Philbin retired back in November, there have been a number of co-hosts filling in for Philbin on the  morning "Live!" program while the show looks for a full-time replacement.  Jerry Seinfeld, Neil Patrick Harris and Michael Buble have been among the guest hosts, and next week it will be people from the sports world.

Fellow NASCAR star Jeff Gordon has co-hosted "Live!" in the past.  Edwards has previously been a guest on the show, but this is his first time as a co-host.