About a year and a half ago, winter storms started to get names.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

This was started by our friends at the Weather Channel. If you’re keeping track of winter storms, last week’s storm was called 'Hercules'.

I did a little research because I was curious about the reason (or reasons) why they chose to do this. According to an article on their website, a couple of those reasons are because it raises awareness about the storm, and if a storm is named, it’s easier to remember it in the future.

Even though it didn’t have a person’s name, somehow I can remember the ‘Blizzard Of ’93’. It happened in March of 1993. Almost every Albany area road and highway was closed. There were four of us that were stuck at WGNA and couldn’t go home. Yes we slept at the radio station. It was definitely an adventure.

Even though I wasn’t born yet, I still know about ‘The Great Blizzard Of 1888’. There were several other storms that people know about and they didn’t have names. Many of those are described at Weather.gov.

So I was wondering what you thought about naming the winter storms. Please take our poll.