So today starts MY Gold's Gym Challenge. This one means a lot to me. I worked REALLY hard 3 years ago and went from 290 to 264 cutting fat and inches and really felt good about me for a change. I gained some back and feel like I didn't give it my all last year. Which to be honest was a hard pill to swallow. Mike Finley is my trainer and has become a friend so it feels worse to waste his time on top of not becoming the me I want to be. Sorry to get so deep on you here but I'm hoping if I lay it all out I will put in the effort I know I need to and am capable of.

   Trust me the Challenge works. Even at half effort last year I lowered my BP and lost 10 pounds. If you need a jump start to your fitness goals I strongly reccomend it.

   This pic is from Sean's wedding not the worst ever but I clearly lost my neck. I can't wait to see a picture like this one and just say "Hey there's me andmy buddy Whitey having a great time." instead of "man I need to lose a few pounds!" Wish me luck!