Saratoga is a beautiful town - filled with great local businesses - and you can't get more local than a farmer's market.   Have you checked this out yet?  It's the Spa City Farmer's Market.

OK.  I'll admit it.  I didn't have the most positive attitude about this at first.   It was Sunday, and Dorrie had the idea to take my mom to visit this attraction. They were into it.  I was "this way, that way"about it.  But then again I wanted to mess with my video camera, so I reluctantly jumped in the car.

I ended up kicking myself for my preconceived notion.   There was so many hard working LOCAL vendors there, plus food that you could eat right on the premises!  I was in Farmer's Market heaven within about 15 minutes - seriously!!  I was honestly very impressed by their efforts and the products they had that you'd never see in a regular supermarket -including some gluten free offerings as well! Here- I'll my little video do the talking.

Does that whet your appetite?  I hope so.  Here is information about it if you are "on the fence" yourself.  Go! Support your local agriculturalists!  They are open all year round!