So my oldest son, Ryan is studying the book, "1984" by Orwell in school.  If you don't remember that book it's the one where society has totally givin up their personal privacy and "Big Brother"  is always watching them. SO they had to do a project that showed how today's society has already gotten personally invasive. Ryan aparently thought about how hard it is to be a serial killer these days with cameras everywhere, people updating their facebooks, and skyping all the time. He showed me the video he made with his friends last night and was so proud he had 21 "hits" on it. So I promised him I'd put it in my blog and maybe get his hits/comments a little higher.

He personally is not in the video but he did direct and edit it. Remember, he's my boy so be honest but be respectful!   But by all means, give it a quick look, it's not long.

God Bless.