Eric Church's newest cd was out in stores and available for sale online as of July 26th. I have had the pleasure of obtaining one his new albums entitled "Chief."  Once again, Church as impressed me with a full album of some really awesome material.  His last album is still one of my top favorite three albums and this new one could be up there as well.

The album features his latest single, "Homeboy."  It also features some truly original music.  The songs don't sound like anything I have ever heard of before.  "Hungover & Hard Up" and "Jack Daniels" are my two favorite songs off the album, but it truly is a toss up because they are all great!

If you haven't had the privilige of hearing any songs off "Chief," I advise you to pick up a copy today.  Afterall Church is coming with Toby Keith to SPAC on September 8th and you'll want to be familiar with these songs because they are that fabulous.

Here is "Jack Daniels":

Here is "Hungover & Hard Up":