Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

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I’ve been seeing a guy for a few months. He invites me out to see a movie or grab something to eat, and on more than one occasion he has “forgotten his wallet”. The first time, we both laughed about it and I was happy to pick up the tab – no big deal. I’ve paid a few times because I wanted to- like when I call and invite him out someplace, I treat him, so it’s not that I think he should always have to pay. The second time it happened, he reached for his wallet in line for the movies HE invited ME to, and then said “oh geez, I forgot my wallet again” and looked at me expectantly. I paid to avoid embarrassment but it annoyed me. Another time? He only had $5 on him after inviting me to lunch. It’s getting really old! Thing is, I enjoy his company – I am just starting to feel like a “sugar mama” or something – he’s a single guy sharing expenses with a roommate, and I’m a single mom raising kids. Shouldn’t he be the one to pay more often?

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