The "Daily Dilemma" on the Sean and Richie Show is featured every weekday morning at 6:40am. We and the listeners take on someone's problems and try to offer different perspectives. Now, these don't have to be huge problems- it could just be something bothering you or a friend, or it could be some little thing you and another just can't agree on. If you have a dilemma to share we'd love to hear it just e-mail us here at the show.

Today's Daily Dilemma:

My fiancé proposed to me a few months ago after I graduated from college and I said yes. Since we have been spending a lot of time together and are already engaged, I thought the next step would be to move in together to make things easier.

What I didn’t realize was that my mother, although supportive of the engagement, was not supportive of moving in together before marriage. She is saying that I will be cut off financially if I move out. My parents are pretty well off and have always been generous with me especially when it came to my education.

I know what everyone is thinking, If I'm old enough to get engaged and move out , I should be able to support myself without my parents help. However, I have Grad School and my parents told me they will help me until I finish.

I just feel like my Parents can be upset with me without using their money to manipulate me.