Here is the daily dilemma for Friday, March 2nd, 2012:

"My Mom and Dad are no longer together.  They've always remained friends.  There are three of us kids, so they really had to!  Two-years ago, my mother met somebody and it's looking fairly serious.  All of a sudden she doesn't want my Dad stopping over and where he used to be invited over for holidays, now she's got him feeling liek he's the odd man out.  I really feel like its going to hurt our relationship with him because of her recent coldness.  Is anyone else in a situation like this or been through something like I'm going through?"

Had a lot of comments about this one, especially on whether or not it is even a good thing for parents to try to be close after divorce, "for the kids". What are your thoughts?

One of our callers was a girl who said she didn't like her parents being friends and doing holidays together. Let's listen to what all the callers had to say about this one: